Healthy Meals for Kids​

Healthy Meals for Kids

Nutrition at Aurrum Kids

At Aurrum Kids, we are passionate about the health and wellbeing of our little people. Nutrition plays a powerful role in supporting growth and development in the formative years. During this period we introduce healthy and balanced eating and lifestyle behaviours.​ The food philosophy at Aurrum Kids seeks to explore the rainbow around the world – providing a balance in wholesome foods from a variety of cultures.

Our fast-growing Aurrum Kids will experience a wholesome, nutritious and diverse four-week rotating menu that has been reviewed by our partner paediatric specialist dieticians.

All meals, from breakfast through to late snacks are prepared fresh on-site from the best seasonal ingredients. Children will participate in food selection and production. They will harvest items from our gardens and greenhouses for daily meals and participate in cooking experiences as part of our ‘playground to plate’ program.

For babies at Aurrum Kids

For babies

For babies at Aurrum Kids we accommodate the introduction of solids by providing an extensive range of options based on what parents have introduced. This includes providing pureed, mashed and chopped textures until we have a confident little eater.