Our Kindergarten Program for 3-5 Year Olds in Victoria

Our kindergarten program for 3-5 year olds in Victoria

Aurrum Kids’ Kindergarten Program is tailored to cater to the developmental milestones of each child in their formative years. Embracing a holistic approach to learning, we provide a supportive environment where young minds can flourish and develop essential life skills.

About Aurrum Kids’ Kindergarten Program

Our curriculum

At the heart of Aurrum Kids is our play-based curriculum, structured to ignite the natural curiosity of children and foster a lifelong passion for learning. Each of our childcare centres are rich with vibrant features and engaging activities that encourage children to explore and discover. With our play-based learning curriculum, spacious art rooms, engaging excursions and sensory-rich playground, we go above and beyond to ensure that every child finds joy and enrichment in our Kindergarten Program.

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Our learning environments

Our architecturally-designed facilities are safe havens that provide a sensory-rich backdrop for learning, with each indoor and outdoor space intentionally crafted to nurture emotional wellbeing. We empower children to be explorers and creators in their environment, guiding their learning journey through a balance of both spontaneous and structured play. Each Aurrum Kids centre blends safety, sensory stimulation and emotional support to foster a welcoming early learning experience.

Our meals

We know that a balanced diet is crucial for child development and growth. That’s why our Kindergarten Learning Program offers a carefully curated menu to support healthy eating at childcare that caters to the specific nutritional needs of young children. We source fresh, locally-sourced ingredients to prepare meals that are both nutritious and delicious, encouraging healthy eating habits from an early age.

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Our educators

All Kindergarten Programs are run by Bachelor qualified Early Childhood Teachers, ensuring that your child is in the best possible hands. The educators at Aurrum Kids are passionate about nurturing young minds and are committed to creating a safe and supportive learning environment.

Our community engagement

We actively engage young learners with the world outside our door through incursions and excursions. These activities are diverse, encompassing everything from cooking classes and yoga sessions to local library visits and bush walks. Our School Readiness program is another community-focused aspect of our Kindergarten Program that helps to facilitate a smooth transition into formal education. Through our partnerships, we provide children with opportunities to visit local schools where they can interact with older peers, become familiar with the school setting, and build confidence.

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Typical routine

6:30am Centre opens – Family Grouping
7:45am Move to room – Small Group Activities provided
8:00am-9:00am Small Group activities
9:00am Welcome Group time
9:15am Progressive Morning Tea/ Indoor Program – Curriculum
10:00am Morning Group time (literacy focus)
10:30am-11:15am Indoor Program – Curriculum Implementation/Observations
11:15am Midday Mat time (Musical/Movement focus)
11:45am-12:30pm Progressive Lunch time
12:30pm-2:45pm Indoor/Outdoor Program – Curriculum Implementation/Observations
2:45 Afternoon Group time (Show and Tell)
3:00pm Progressive Afternoon Tea
3:30pm-5pm Indoor/Outdoor Program – Curriculum Implementation/Observations
5:00pm Family Grouping
6:30pm Centre Closes

*Please note this is just an example of what a typical day could look like.

Your child’s development

3 to 4 years old

Aurrum Kids’ program for 3 year old and 4 year old Kinder students is thoughtfully designed to harness each child’s growing capabilities to ensure a holistic preschool experience. You may see your child learning and displaying the following skills:


  • Improved ability to hold and manipulate small objects
  • Enhanced balance, coordination and agility
  • Dressing themselves
  • Using utensils
  • Mastering self-help skills


  • Vocabulary growth
  • Forming more complex sentences
  • Constantly seeking answers to questions
  • Improved memory retention
  • Developing basic problem-solving skills


  • Developing empathy and showing concern for others
  • Understanding and expressing emotions
  • Engaging in imaginative play and role-playing
  • Building friendships
  • Learning to share and take turns

4 to 5 years old

Kindergarten for 4 and 5 year olds is a dynamic and enriching environment designed to embrace the distinct developmental journey of young learners. You may see your child learning and displaying the following skills:



  • Increasing precision in drawing, writing, and using tools like scissors
  • Improved coordination and balance
  • Growing stamina
  • Riding a tricycle or bicycle with training wheels
  • Establishing a dominant hand


  • Enhanced vocabulary and fluency
  • Ability to retell stories
  • Developing basic reasoning skills
  • Understanding cause-and-effect relationships
  • Exploring numbers, shapes and patterns


  • Forming close bonds with peers
  • Resolving conflicts
  • Participating in group activities
  • Understanding the value of teamwork
  • Learning to manage emotions and express feelings appropriately

Our centres



Aurrum Kids Ballarat, conveniently located in the suburb of Wendouree, offers a modern and expansive setting bathed in natural light, providing a perfect backdrop for your child’s Kindergarten Program.

Child Care Mornington Peninsula

Mornington Peninsula

Situated in one of Victoria’s most stunning areas, Aurrum Kids Mornington Peninsula provides a tranquil and stimulating space for children to learn, play and discover through our Kindergarten Program.

Child Care Mornington Peninsula

Get Funded Kindergarten in Victoria

Explore the possibilities with our government-funded Kindergarten Programs in Victoria, designed to give every child a wonderful start in their educational journey at Aurrum Kids.

Frequently asked questions

What are the qualifications and experience of the staff who work in your Kindergarten Program?

The educators at Aurrum Kids’ Kinder  Programs are carefully selected for their qualifications, experience, and passion for early childhood education. The educators running our Kindergarten Program hold Bachelor qualifications. They are also assisted by passionate team members who are either Certificate 3 or Diploma qualified. In addition to their qualifications, each team member undergoes continuous professional development to ensure they are equipped with the latest and best practices in nurturing and educating young minds.

How is kindergarten different from daycare?

Kindergarten and childcare serve different needs, though they may overlap in some services. Kindergarten Learning Programs are specifically designed to prepare children for the educational journey ahead, focusing on structured learning and developmentally appropriate curriculum that introduce key concepts and skills needed for school. It typically caters to children aged 3-5 and operates on a schedule similar to schools. Childcare , on the other hand, provides care for children in a safe environment and can cater to a broader age range. It often offers more flexible hours to accommodate the varying schedules of parents and may focus more on play and care than on education.

What do kids learn in kindergarten?

In Kindergarten, the learning experience is comprehensive and play-based. Kinder Programs typically target the following skills:

Literacy and Numeracy

  • Introduction to the alphabet and basic phonics.
  • Recognition of numbers, understanding of basic mathematical concepts.
  • Familiarity with shapes and patterns.

Social Skills

  • Sharing and cooperative play.
  • Taking turns and participating in group activities.
  • Building friendships and understanding social cues.

Emotional Development

  • Identifying and expressing emotions appropriately.
  • Developing empathy and concern for others.

Cognitive Skills

  • Critical thinking and problem-solving.
  • Asking questions and exploring for answers.
  • Memory retention and following multi-step instructions.

Creative Expression

  • Engaging in art projects to develop fine motor skills.
  • Participating in music and dance to foster rhythm and body awareness.
  • Imaginative play and storytelling to encourage creativity and self-expression.

Is preschool the same as kindergarten?

Kindergarten in Victoria refers to a government-funded educational program typically for children aged four to five years old, which recently has been extended to include three-year-old children. Students then progress to Foundation or Prep when they begin their first year of primary school.

‘Kindergarten’ and ‘preschool’ are often used interchangeably in Victoria. However, the terminology can vary between different states in Australia, with each having its own structure for early childhood education and the transition into the primary school system.

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