Early Childhood Learning Environment

Our look and feel

Aurrum Kids aims to create warm, welcoming environments that incorporate practical, visual and age-appropriate learning areas for children. Our centres are purpose built with environmental and sustainable design features that reflect the local surroundings. All of our features, from the tactile outdoor playground to our bright indoor atmosphere, work together to create a space that nurtures growth and sparks joy.

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Our carefully planned classrooms are designed to evoke a sense of comfort and curiosity, promoting an optimal environment for learning and growth. We incorporate a mix of textures, colours and natural elements to stimulate sensory experiences and creativity. With a focus on fostering a sense of belonging, our classroom layouts facilitate both independent exploration and collaborative play.

Outdoor environment

Aurrum Kids has designed outdoor yards that offer an enchanting extension of our indoor learning environments. The outdoor spaces are thoughtfully crafted to inspire boundless exploration and imaginative play. With vibrant natural elements, age-appropriate play structures and sensory-rich landscapes, our outdoor yards provide an environment for children to connect with both nature and one another. From bike tracks to water creek beds, there’s plenty of opportunities for natural play that will keep even the most inquisitive child busy.

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Sleep & rest

We prioritise the wellbeing and comfort of every child, and that includes providing a safe and comfortable environment for sleep and rest. We understand the importance of adequate rest for a child’s growth and development. Our purpose built cot rooms are designed to promote a peaceful sleep and rest, with comfortable cots, soft bedding and a tranquil ambience. We follow each child’s individual sleep schedule, making sure they have the opportunity for rest when needed. Our educators are aware of each child’s sleep cues and ensure a calm and soothing transition to sleep or quiet rest periods. We also create a comfortable space for older children to engage in restful activities, fostering relaxation and rejuvenation.


“Do your little bit of good where you are; it’s those little bits of good put together that overwhelm the world”

Archbishop Desmond Tutu

At Aurrum Kids we are committed to sustainable practices. We are conscious of our footprint in the world and protecting our environment for generations to come. An important aspect of our early child learning environment is inspiring children to adopt an attitude of environmental responsibility and a respect for nature.

Each centre has its own greenhouse and kitchen garden. Part of our commitment to the environment is teaching children where food comes from and supporting them to take responsibility for caring for the food that they grow to eat. Encouraging children to create and enjoy nutritious meals forms a core part of providing an ideal early childhood learning environment.

Sustainable practices are embedded in our daily routine and the resources we use. We ensure each child learns the importance of sustainability in their day to day life by setting them a strong example.

Community connections

To provide an enriching learning environment, we forge strong bonds with the local community. We view the community as an engaging classroom for young children. Our partnerships with local organisations and schools bring diverse and real-world experiences to the children. Through these connections, we offer a range of exciting activities like local heroes visits, cultural events, excursions and community projects. These activities not only enhance our educational programs but also help to instil a sense of belonging in each child.

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School partnerships

Starting ‘big’ school is a major step in a child’s life. To support children through this transition, we develop partnerships with local schools. Through open communication and collaboration, we organise school readiness programs to build confidence and ensure that children experience a seamless continuity.

Some ways we partner with schools are:

  • Our teachers have relationships with local schools
  • We participate in school events, e.g., school fetes, sports days
  • We go on school excursions to visit our older friends
  • We connect for information evenings for families
  • We support children graduating into school with orientations and transition statements

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