Childcare FAQs

What are the qualifications and experience of the staff who work in your nursery program?

Choosing a childcare centre with qualified and experienced educators who can support the specific needs of little ones aged 0-2 is crucial. At Aurrum Kids, our infant and baby childcare educators are carefully selected for their qualifications, experience, and passion for early childhood education. Each educator is either Certificate 3 or Diploma qualified, and undergo continuous professional development to ensure they are equipped with the latest and best practices in nurturing and educating young minds.

How does the nursery program support the individual needs and routines of each child?

Understanding and respecting the unique needs and routines of each child is fundamental to our Nursery Program. Our educators have a deep awareness of individual routines, ensuring flexibility throughout the day to accommodate activities such as meals, sleep, and play. By tailoring our approach to each child’s developmental stage and preferences, we create an environment where they feel secure, supported, and encouraged to explore their interests.

How do you ensure a smooth transition for children entering the nursery program?

We understand that the transition into childcare can be a significant milestone for both children and parents. Our team is committed to making this process as smooth and comfortable as possible. We offer orientation sessions, allowing parents and children to familiarise themselves with the childcare environment and meet the educators. Our nurturing approach, combined with personalised attention and a focus on building trust, helps children gradually acclimate to their new surroundings. We work closely with parents to understand each child’s unique needs, ensuring a positive and supportive experience during this important transition.

Quick enquiry

At Aurrum Kids we have no extra fees. Make an enquiry to find out more about our early learning centres.