Our Learning Approach

Our learning philosophy is guided by the belief that early childhood is a magical time of exploration, self-discovery and imagination. To help each child on their learning journey, Aurrum Kids creates a warm, caring environment that relies upon innovative teaching methods to nurture children’s innate curiosity.

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Key elements

Play-based learning

At Aurrum Kids, we believe in the power of play. Play-based learning is at the heart of our educational philosophy, as we inspire children to do what they do best: explore, imagine, discover and create.

Engaging environment

Our sensory-rich indoor and outdoor environments are carefully designed to create a safe, welcoming space where children can thrive. Each area is purposefully designed to suit different child development stages and learning styles.

Flexible routines

Children naturally flourish in an environment that respects their personal pace, interests and developmental stages. Our routines are structured yet adaptable, ensuring a balance of guided activities and free play.

Holistic wellbeing

Our learning approach isn’t just focused on building academic skills. We focus on emotional, social, physical and cognitive development, ensuring a well-rounded experience that lays a strong foundation for personal growth.


Aurrum Kids’ learning approach is rooted in our deep understanding of early childhood development, inspired by progressive educational theories and practices. Our journey began with a vision to create a nurturing, innovative and inclusive learning environment for young children. Over the years, we’ve refined our approach, always ensuring that we are kept up to date with the latest research and methodologies in early childhood education. From integrating technology in age-appropriate ways to introducing multicultural and eco-conscious elements into our programs, we make sure that our learning philosophy is guided by a commitment to holistic child development.

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Our program

At Aurrum Kids, we provide enriching and holistic learning experiences through a developmentally appropriate curriculum that nurtures cognitive, social, emotional, and physical wellbeing.

Our approach is centred on fostering a love for learning with engaging, play-based activities that stimulate curiosity and creativity. Educators tailor activities to meet individual and group needs, guiding children to explore their interests and talents. Our focus is on holistic development, laying the foundation for a lifelong learning journey for every child.

Aurrum Kids’ Program elements encompass:

  • Flexible routines
  • Community connections
  • School partnerships
  • Sustainability
  • Technology
  • Documentation

Intentional teaching

Our approach to child interactions emphasises intentional teaching, a belief that every moment is a learning opportunity. Our educators are more than supervisors – they are active facilitators, engaging with children meaningfully and attending to their emotional needs. They provide a supportive space for children to express and understand their feelings, ensuring positive interactions. We deeply value effective communication, both with children, whose thoughts and feelings are respected, and with parents, with whom we maintain open, transparent communication and regular updates on their child’s progress. Above all, we prioritise the wellbeing of every child, aiming to create a safe, secure environment for their growth and development.

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Our learning approach


At the core of Aurrum Kids is a child-centric learning approach. We see children as self-motivated learners, brimming with natural curiosity and a love of learning. Our role is to support and guide their learning journey, allowing them to confidently follow their interests and explore new passions.


Our team of educators are more than teachers; they are facilitators of learning, mentors and caregivers. They are trained to observe, understand and respond to each child’s unique needs and interests. Our educators’ commitment to continuous professional development ensures they remain at the forefront of early childhood education.

Parental support

We believe in strong partnerships with families. Recognising the vital role parents play in their child’s education, we work closely with families to set individualised learning goals. These goals act as a roadmap that is finetuned fortnightly, guiding our observations and program planning for each child.

Learning environment

Our learning environment is thoughtfully designed to promote exploration, creativity, and learning. We offer a variety of spaces and materials that encourage children to experiment and express themselves. The environment is safe, inclusive and responsive to the needs and interests of each child.


Our activities acknowledge that children have countless ways of thinking, playing and learning about the world. We offer a wide range of activities that support creative development in children and cater to various learning styles, ensuring every child finds a meaningful way to express themselves freely.


At Aurrum Kids, we implement a planning cycle that encompasses individual and group planned experiences. Our educators roll out a fortnightly program, starting with setting specific developmental goals for each child. This process involves observation, analysis, planning, execution, reflection and evaluation to ensure effective learning outcomes.

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