Why Nutrition is so Important for Child Development

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Our chia banana puddings are choc-full of fibre, protein and essential vitamins and minerals such as potassium. Meanwhile, a shepherd’s pie with sweet potato is a great source of long-lasting energy.

Nutrition is important at every age, but it plays a particularly powerful role in a child’s growth and development. As parents know, it can take a considered balance of healthy carbohydrates, protein and fats as well as key micronutrients to nourish busy little minds and bodies. Here at Aurrum Kids, nutrition is one of the key aspects we focus on with a comprehensive approach as we deliver childcare in Victoria.

What makes for great nutrition in childcare?

At Aurrum Kids, we consider meeting a child’s nutritional needs each day as a necessary component of providing a safe and healthy learning environment. Our onsite chefs cook up fresh, wholesome meals centred around a nutritious and diverse four-week rotating menu that has been reviewed by paediatric dieticians. Breakfast is of course one of the most important meals of the day – and particularly so for learning and growing minds – so we make sure to provide a substantial meal early in the day and at lunchtime. There are also plenty of snacks throughout the day, lovingly prepared and cooked at each centre.

Of course, fussy eating can be common in younger children. Providing delicious, nutritious food and a supportive eating environment can go a long way in encouraging each child to explore and feel comfortable eating a wide range of foods.

We also know it’s important to provide lots of options for little ones who are getting to know and enjoy solid foods. If we are caring for your baby at Aurrum Kids, our chefs offer a wide range of options including puréed, mashed and chopped textures to help bub get familiar and excited about eating solids.

Eating well is a lifelong skill

We’re all about helping you to prepare your child for a healthy and wonderful life ahead, and we approach nutrition with a comprehensive approach so little ones can learn where their food comes from and what to look for in healthy food. Our physical environments at Aurrum Kids are purpose-built for diverse experiences, which includes a garden, greenhouse and kitchen areas at each centre. Our play based curriculum makes great use of these specially-built features, by encouraging children to learn about nutrition while also having fun. Children partake in food selection and production, growing and harvesting fresh vegetables and herbs as richly rewarding learning experiences. They then participate in cooking experiences for a complete ‘playground to plate’ experience. Our experienced childcare educators also help children to develop an understanding of healthy food choices.

Nutrition at Aurrum Kids

Growing, harvesting and cooking with vegetables and herbs is a fantastic way to build excitement and curiosity about healthy foods.

Exploring a rainbow around the world

Early life is a beautiful time to learn and explore the world around us, and it’s for this reason that our menus and food experiences include a diverse range of foods from a variety of cultures. We encourage little ones to truly ‘explore a rainbow around the world’ in this way. Our approach to nutrition is guided by the latest research and aligns with the nutrition insights of the Australian Children’s Education & Care Quality Authority (ACECQA).

Good nutrition is an essential factor in supporting child health and physical development, and gives your little ones power for an exciting day of learning and play. Want to explore our brand new centres or learn more about the nutritional focus at Aurrum Kids Mornington, Penrith or Ballarat? Enquire today and our friendly team will be happy to provide you with more information about our leading childcare centres in Ballarat, Mornington Peninsula or Penrith.