Childcare Educator

Childcare Educator

Our Team

Relationships are key to the growth and development of children. At Aurrum Kids relationships with children, families and community underpin our teams vision and values, creating a true sense of family and inclusiveness at all our centres. Once these secure relationships are formed children feel a sense of belonging. This allows them to confidently be themselves and become who they want to be as they try new things, make mistakes and explore the world. Our commitment is to retain our team of teachers and educators and invest in them personally and professionally.

At Aurrum Kids our teachers and educators will observe, document and partner in the learning process through delivery of our interpretation of the Reggio Emilia based curriculum. Our teachers and educators will provide a supportive learning experience for Aurrum Kids to:

  • Ask their own questions, generate and test their own hypotheses
  • Explore and generate many possibilities, both affirming and contradictory. Contradictions provide an opportunity for exploration, discussion and debate.
  • Use symbolic languages to represent thoughts and hypothesis

Our teachers and educators are dedicated to ensuring that the following educational focus areas are represented:

  • Cultural diversity including bi-lingual language skills
  • Health and nutrition
  • Wellbeing and emotional development focused
  • Varying age and background
  • Expressive arts
  • Music and movement
  • Environmental sustainability