Meet our passionate
childcare educators

Without our educators, we simply wouldn’t be able to provide the exemplary learning environments that we do at Aurrum Kids. At our Mornington, Ballarat and Penrith childcare centres, each Aurrum Kids childcare educator has been carefully selected for their experience, credentials, personal qualities and passion for early childhood education.

Our team members…

Our teams consist of wonderful people, from our teachers and educators to our support staff. We value all of our individual team members and invest in them both professionally and personally through training, development and support. Not only does this help us to keep these great people around, but it also provides a sense of consistency and the same friendly faces to greet your child each time they walk through the centre’s doors.

Our early childhood educators

Are passionate about children and their growth

Every child will have a smoother learning path when they have enthusiastic and supportive people by their side. Our educators are dedicated to their vocation and get genuine delight from seeing children thrive as they grow and learn.

Are committed to high quality childcare and education

Behind all the play, music, exploration and fun at an Aurrum Kids centre there are solid learning principles. Each early childcare educator creates activities and experiences to align with our Early Years Learning Framework and child-centred Reggio Emilia approach.

Are excellent communicators

Great communication is key to a supportive learning environment in so many different ways. Our educators maintain open and transparent communication with children, parents and other staff to provide tailored support and encouragement.

Put safety and wellbeing first

The wellbeing and safety of all is naturally the top priority at Aurrum Kids. We fund first aid, CPR and asthma & anaphylaxis training to every early childcare educator. We also provide a modern learning environment and quality nutrition program for vibrant and healthy learning.

Are caring and understanding

Every child’s development is unique, and we support this with personalised and informed care. Our childcare team comprises inherently empathetic and compassionate people who ensure your child is always individually seen, heard and valued.

Have a sense of wonder and excitement

Learning is often best led by curiosity. Our educators share the same excitement and sense of wonder as the children they care for, which encourages each child to follow their natural inquisitiveness and cultivate a lifelong love of learning.

The Aurrum Kids difference

At Aurrum Kids our educators observe, document and partner in the learning process in a way that reflects the Reggio Emilia educational philosophy. This approach focuses on experiential learning, empowering children to curate their own learning journeys with gentle guidance by our educators as enthusiastic co-learners.

Questions as learning opportunities

Every curious question has the potential to become a learning opportunity. This is true at every age, and particularly so in early childhood! Our educators provide a supportive learning experience for Aurrum Kids to:

  • Ask their own questions, generate and test their own hypotheses.
  • Explore and generate many possibilities, both affirming and contradictory. Contradictions provide an opportunity for exploration, discussion and debate.
  • Use symbolic languages to represent thoughts and hypothesis.

The key building blocks

Of course, it’s essential that children gain all of the essential building blocks for a wonderful life ahead, from literacy and numeracy to the social skills and understandings that help us all to connect within our communities. We are dedicated to ensuring that the following educational focus areas are represented:

  • Cultural diversity including bi-lingual language skills
  • Health and nutrition
  • Wellbeing and emotional development
  • Varying ages and backgrounds
  • Expressive arts
  • Music and movement
  • Environmental sustainability.

A supportive sense of belonging

Every early childcare educator at Aurrum Kids knows just how important relationships are to the growth and development of children. We aim to nourish a true sense of family and inclusiveness at each our centres. As these secure relationships are formed, children feel a sense of belonging. This allows them to confidently be themselves and become who they want to be as they try new things, make mistakes and explore the world.