What Are the Benefits of Outdoor Play in Early Childhood

We all know it’s healthy to spend time outside, but just how important is outdoor play in early childhood? There have been many studies proving the importance of outdoor play in early life and its positive effects in life. Let’s explore these diverse benefits in closer detail.

importance of outdoor play in early life

What are the benefits of outdoor play?

That playground visit or tree climbing session could be even more beneficial than you might expect, because outdoor play can contribute to a child’s social, physical, emotional and mental wellbeing. The ideal early childhood learning environment is one that makes full use of children’s natural tendency to seek outdoor play.

The opportunity to grow stronger

Playing outside can involve a whole range of activity, from running, jumping and climbing to peering under rocks and collecting leaves. As a result, children can develop their fine and gross motor skills while boosting their immune system, vitamin D levels and muscle mass.

A healthy sense of risk-taking

Supervised outdoor play allows kids to experiment with mess, dirt, water and gravity! This testing and understanding of the physical environment is incredibly important in early childhood, so children can develop their healthy sense of risk-taking and resilience.

A familiarity with all things natural

An early love of nature could lead to a richer life of hiking, growing food and outdoor adventures. If children have the chance to experience things such as flowers and insects, watching plants grow and harvesting herbs and vegetables in early life, this is a great way to develop a life-long appreciation and respect for the natural environment.

A familiarity with all things natural

Social & emotional benefits

The more kids are able to play and interact outside, the more they can develop their social and emotional capabilities too. Whether they’re riding tricycles around a path or playing ‘shop’ in a fort, each experience is a chance to build skills including patience, negotiation, creative play and communication.

benefits of outdoor play

The importance of outdoor play in early childhood education

At Aurrum Kids Ballarat childcare centres and Mornington we understand just how essential outdoor play is, which is why we support this through high quality outdoor environments and appropriate outdoor play at every age. Our Early Childhood Curriculum encourages children to explore the great outdoors with fun activities that are designed to inspire creativity and learning.

What are the benefits of outdoor play?

Book a tour at your local early learning centre today, and see for yourself just how enriching outdoor play can be.

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